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Naturopathic Hydrotherapy: The Short Wrap

Here’s a short guide to the Short Wrap. The Short Wrap is a hydrotherapy technique for increasing blood circulation to the central organs. It is calming to the parasympathetic nervous system and can enhance digestive function and detoxification.  Although it involves wrapping a cold, wet towel around your torso, it is so relaxing.

Fall Nourishment Guide: Seasonal Nutrition

Autumn is the season of wind and dryness.  For those in Sonoma County and other fire-prone areas, you have probably been experiencing this first hand.  The climate change wake-up calls are increasing, and we’ve got a lot of work to do collectively.  But meanwhile, it’s time to recharge: to slow down, soothe, ground, moisten and nourish.  After […]

Dr. Bridget’s Naturopathic Detox Support List

  Shopping & Harvest List For Healthy Detoxification & Minimizing Harm from Smoke-related Pollutants 1. Broccoli sprouts– contain some of THE most detoxification-stimulating and anti-carcinogenic compounds 2. Rosemary– a high power antioxidant 3. Turmeric– strongly anti-inflammatory and cancer preventing 4. Artichokes, more artichokes, and then more artichokes- an all around detoxifier 5. Pomegranate, berries, red/purple […]

Unmasking Allergies & Other Histamine Related Issues

Anyone who knew me before I became a naturopathic doctor would immediately know why I’m passionate about treating allergies and other histamine related issues—I had a big problem with environmental allergies. When I was flared, I would sneeze hundreds of times a day, for days on end. Because I refused allergy medications, I lived in […]

Hormone Tests: A Deeper Look

There are a number of symptoms that prompt me to recommend hormone testing—such as chronic fatigue, mood changes, stress intolerance, sleep disturbance, fertility challenges, weight gain, acne, hair loss, and menstrual problems like heavy periods or irregular bleeding.   Hormone testing can be the key to unlocking some of these problematic issues.   Depending on the type […]

Fire Protection Essentials and Respiratory Health, Part 2 — As the Dust Settles

As I wrote in my first blog on Fire Protection, the smoke that we’re experiencing in the Bay area is filled with the combusted contents of homes and businesses- things like plastic siding, wires and pipes, computers, flame retardants, carpeting with stain repellants like Teflon, lead paint from old houses, pressure treated lumber, and the […]

Fire Protection Essentials and Respiratory Health

You are probably feeling it- a scratchy throat, dry cough and irritated eyes or that whoozy, nauseous feeling from breathing something you shouldn’t be. It smells like a campfire out there, but with homes and businesses burning, we are exposed to so much more. On top of the wood particulate, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, […]

Food Sensitivity Testing Just Got Better

Food sensitivity can contribute to gastrointestinal inflammation and systemic inflammatory burden.  It can be an underlying cause of nagging symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, sinus congestion, chronic pain, headaches, and weight gain. Determining whether you have food sensitivities and which foods you are sensitive to can be an arduous process. The best way to diagnose […]

Tools for Reducing the Health Effects of Sugar

Got a sweet tooth?  The key to balancing sugar is to surround it with goodness… Spice it up: Most aromatic spices, such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and clove can improve how well you digest your food and tend to be anti-inflammatory. Many spices, especially cinnamon, are well known for blood glucose lowering effects. Add […]

Imbibing more than usual? 

In excess, alcohol can really deplete your antioxidant pathways and contribute to inflammation. If you have systemic inflammation or leaky gut, drinking alcohol can stand in the way of your best efforts to repair that.  So if you’re going to enjoy a drink or two, try some of these tips: Love your Liver If you drink enough […]