Initial Visit

  • INFORMATION GATHERING: We’ll have an in-depth discussion of your goals, health concerns and symptom history.
  • ASSESSMENT: I’ll perform any relevant physical exam. We’ll discuss options for diagnostic or functional medicine testing that may help in assessing your health.
  • GENERATING A PLAN: We’ll create a a strategy for helping you feel better.

First Follow-Up Visit

  • CHECKING IN: We’ll check in about how you are incorporating the treatment recommendations (ideally within 4 weeks of your initial visit.)
  • REVIEWING: We’ll review any lab results in depth so you know what they mean.
  • REFINING: We’ll adjust the plan based on any new information and add additional layers of treatment support.

Subsequent Follow-Ups

  • ASSESSING PROGRESS: We’ll make sure the treatment recommendations are working for you and that you’re on the path to improving your health. Visits can be monthly, quarterly, or at whatever interval you feel would be of most benefit to you.
  • DEEPENING & FINE-TUNING: We’ll explore more facets of your health and adjust treatments as your healing progresses. If you encounter stumbling blocks, we’ll problem-solve it.