Focusing in Naturopathic Medicine

One of the fundamental philosophies of naturopathic medicine

Your body knows how to heal itself

Our task is to clear the path, to move what is stuck or blocking us from moving forward.

The Search

  • We look for root causes, such as digestive or hormonal imbalances, harmful microbes, or other environmental triggers like allergens, mold or other toxic exposures.
  • We change our diets, replete nutrient deficiencies, support detoxification and antioxidant pathways, and balance neurotransmitters.
  • We exercise and manage stress.

The Cycle

  • This approach can be successful, and sometimes, it can be overwhelming and arduous.
  • We may cycle into working harder and harder in an effort to feel better.
  • Our approach to restoring health can actually get in the way  — and we stay stuck.

A New Approach

  • In order to approach it differently, we need to step outside the status quo.
  • As Ann Weiser Cornell writes in Focusing in Clinical Practice, we can get frozen inside a problem, “where attempts to solve the problem are just an example of the problem all over again.”
  • We need to relinquish top-down management, where we rely only on scientific reasoning and cognitive logic to solve our health problems.