Naturopathic Hydrotherapy: The Short Wrap

Here’s a short guide to the Short Wrap.

The Short Wrap is a hydrotherapy technique for increasing blood circulation to the central organs. It is calming to the parasympathetic nervous system and can enhance digestive function and detoxification.  Although it involves wrapping a cold, wet towel around your torso, it is so relaxing.

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Fall Nourishment Guide: Seasonal Nutrition

Autumn is the season of wind and dryness.  For those in Sonoma County and other fire-prone areas, you have probably been experiencing this first hand.  The climate change wake-up calls are increasing, and we’ve got a lot of work to do collectively.  But meanwhile, it’s time to recharge: to slow down, soothe, ground, moisten and nourish.  After being hit with wildfire smoke and all the associated upheaval this past week, we need to get our self-care groove on.  We all need it, in every part of us. This time of year, our nervous systems and respiratory tracts are especially vulnerable and will benefit from the extra support.

Here’s some of my top tools for nourishing with food, herbs and other self-care strategies.

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