Naturopathic Hydrotherapy: The Short Wrap

Here’s a short guide to the Short Wrap.

The Short Wrap is a hydrotherapy technique for increasing blood circulation to the central organs. It is calming to the parasympathetic nervous system and can enhance digestive function and detoxification.  Although it involves wrapping a cold, wet towel around your torso, it is so relaxing.

Here’s how to do it:

After a warm/hot bath, dry off, then immediately wrap a cold, wet and wrung-out towel around your body, covering your entire torso. Use a thin towel that is wide enough to extend from armpit line to the upper thigh.  The colder the wet towel, the stronger the treatment, so start with a moderately cold temperature and see how it goes before making the treatment stronger.

Cover the wet towel with a dry one and/or a robe. Then rest in bed for 30 minutes, breathing and relaxing, rather than phoning or watching other media. When you’re done, remove the wet towel. I recommend going to sleep right after the treatment.